Gerber Park


Gerber Park | UNSER TEAM

Our Gerber Park Team

Thomas Bader & Corinne Bader
Owner | General Manager

For us, teamwork means cohesion, communication, understanding and trust - good cooperation!


Jürgen Steidle

Our Master Brewer - is responsible for our delicious beer and, of course, for our special seasonal creations.

Nadine Schlotz

Mrs. Schlotz has also been here since the beginning! She is Responsible for all kitchens and purchasing, as well as the design of the menus.

Sven Katz

Sous-Chef from all kitchens

Tatjana Schmid

Service Manager - She is responsible for the smooth running of the service, both in the Brewery and in the Boathouse.

Armando D' Amaro

Armando D'Amaro

Mr. D’Amaro has been with us for many years and is the Shift Supervisor in the Brewery.

Janina Raffer

Banquet Manager in the Stad’l 

Christos Alexiadis

Banquet Manager Bootshaus

Reception Team

Beyza Yesilkaya

Front Office Manager

Ute Gerstner

Housekeeper - Mrs. Gerstner is responsible for the cleanliness and care of the Gerber Park Hotel!


Ursula Maier

Our decoration fairy in the Gerber Park Area