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Dear Gerber Park guests,

As from 3rd April 2022, all restrictions imposed by the coronavirus regulation were lifted. There are no more access checks, entry restrictions or mask requirements.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Your Gerber Park Team

Take Care

Hygiene concept


Your health and that of our staff is a top priority, so we have prepared all necessary safety measures and will be a careful host for you.


With the following measures, we will do everything to protect you, our valued guests, our team and all our friends at the Gerber Park Resort.

Gerber's Beers


Gerber's beers - a treat for everyone!

You can not only drink our home-brewed beers at our resort - no, take them home with you, for your garden party, as a gift or simply for yourself.


Our beers are available in 1 litre bottles for € 7.20 including a € 3.00 deposit, or in a 5 litre party can for € 15.80. Depending on availability, we can offer two or three different types.


NEW! Now we have 0.3 litre bottles for € 1.40 and 0.5 litre bottles for € 1.50 plus deposit.


During the day, you can buy the beers at reception, or from 17:00 onwards in our Brewery.