The land originally belonged to the former curtain textile mill as part of the Uhingen

laundry and was acquired by the Bader Leather Works in Göppingen in 1938. Over

the years that followed, increasing competition, some of it from abroad, and falling

revenues, made it difficult to maintain production at a meaningful level. It was

therefore decided to cease production at the end of 1964. The workforce in Uhingen

were all offered jobs at the Göppingen factory.

Over the years that followed, the company´s property was leased to various

businesses who used it mainly for storage.

In 2003 Thomas Bader, the great-grandson of the founder of the Bader Leather

company, decided, with his wife Gabi, to take the former factory site in a new direction.

First a local brewery with a restaurant, function room and beer garden were developed.

Over time came the Orangerie and the BrennBar as well as the hotel and the Stad´l.

In 2017 our restaurant "Bootshaus" opened.



Even today many people can still remember how the Gerber Park used to be.