Celebrate at Gerber Park Area

Celebrate at Gerber Park Area


Have you not yet found the right location for your party?

We can offer you suitable options.

There are a total of four function rooms available which differ in the number of guests and the ambience.

Gerber’s Orangery with a Mediterranean atmosphere is ideal for a small party of between 20 and max. 42 people.

Gerber’s Stad’l (the Barn) has a rustic flair and is for a maximum of 86 guests.

Our new member, Gerber's Boathouse, can accommodate a maximum of 110 people. 

Gerber’s Old Factory is ideal for large parties in an elegant style for up to 240 people.

Whatever you want to celebrate, we are ready for any challenge!

We kindly ask you to arrange inspection visits with us in advance by e-mail.

Spontaneous tours are not always possible.