Gerber beer - a taste for everyone!

Our home brewed beers can not only be enjoyed at the Gerberpark -

No, you can take them home, for the garden party, as a present or just for yourself.


Our beers are available in the 1 liter bottle für 7,20 € including a 3,00 € refund

or in the 5 Liter party keg for 15,80 €. Depending on availability we offer 2 to 3 of our beer varieties.


And right now we offer our favourites in small bottles.

Our popular Pilsener

in the 0,5 l. bottle for 1,70 € including 0,20 € refund.

And our hearty strong "Bock"

in the handy 0,33 l. bottle for 1,60 € including 0,20 € refund.


At the moment you can purchase our beers only at the reception during opening hours.