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We´re glad to see your intereset about our homepage. The safety of your Privacy is Important to us. On this page you can read what we will do with your Privat information.


Responsibility to DSGVO:


Gerber Braeu Gatronomie GmbH

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General Information



Every time you visit an homepage (wether it is ours or not) or you search for a picture or a song, your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) will transfer it to the web server. This Data could be: The Page, from which the Data was needed, Names of the data, Date and Time, how big the Data is, the acess congestion(Sended Data,Data not found) the description from the Type of the Homepage.

Explanation of the Data processing.



We waived the use of cookies.

To use one of our contact formulars we need at least all the star (*) marked informations. You can fill out every thing else too, but you don’t have to. We need this data to edit your inquiry or to send you the wished Information.

Your free to call us if you don’t want to fill out the contact form.

We only use the Information from our Contact formular to answer your inquiry or to send you your wished information.

We do not use encryption when transferring Data.

We waived the use of a visitor counter  so that we only use as much Data as needed.

This Domain is using Google Maps (Google Maps from Google INc.,1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to show the landscape and geographical position. When you start Google Maps your browser will automatically transfer your Data  to Google Maps. This Data will be detected and used from Google. Google is using cookies. Please also pay attention to the Privacy Policy from Google (, and the Terms of use for Google Maps ( Please be aware of the Information about the transparency and the choice ( also as the Browser Plugin (

This homepage is not using Social Plugins. There will no Data be transferred to Social Media.

The integrated Icons for social media will only show you the way through a link to the corresponding social media network.

We do not give your Data to third providers.



As a user you have the rights to get information about which data from you we saved, and for which Use we saved them. All over that you can change the Data if it’s wrong or you can let them delete from us, if the Data is no longer needed.



We save the Data from above for following use. If you don’t want this you can disagree every time by talking to our Data Protection Officer. The User Rights and the Note Contradiction needs to be optically highlighted. The Data Protection Officer can give you further informations about that.



Haye Hoesel

-external Data Protection Officer-

HUBIT Data Protection



Data Protection Phone: 0421-89830294



Because of the Archive Function from the Browser the Data is retrievable long time after it was already deleted or changed.

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