Our Team

Thomas Bader & Corinne BaderThomas Bader & Corinne Bader

Thomas Bader is owner and manager of Gerber Park. He never regret the idea for the implementation of a gastronomy on an old factory site. Corinne Bader "the next generation" is ready. She takes care of the whole Gerber Park as authorised representative and is available for all your questions.

Gabriele SeifertGabriele Seifert

Franziska DiebolderFranziska Diebolder

Gabriele Seifert is at your disposal for requests of all types like meetings, reservations & festivities.

Your festivity will be especially, whether in the Orangerie or in the Stad'l. Franziska Diebolder provides her advice for everything around your function.

Jan SchneiderJan Schneider

Jan Schneider is trainer of our trainees.


Erich ElischerErich Elischer

Nadine SchlotzNadine Schlotz

Sven KatzSven Katz

Our kitchen chef Erich Elischer decides what will be served. Regional & above all homemade products convince daily our guests. Our souschef Nadine Schlotz is also like Mister Elischer here from the beginning.

Our souschef Sven Katz is responsible for our kitchen in our Bootshaus.

Jürgen SteidleJürgen Steidle

Simon BilibozogluSimon Bilibozoglu

José EscalonaJosé Escalona

Our brewmaster Jürgen Steidle is responsible for our beer since 11 years and attaches importance on quality & taste. Our restaurant managers Simon Bilibozoglu and José Escalona care for an trouble-free course in our Brauhaus the whole week.


Tatjana SchmidTatjana Schmid

Janine RafferJanine Raffer

Christos AlexiadisChristos Alexiadis

Martina KaiserauerMartina Kaiserauer

If you have your festivity in the Orangerie or Stad'l. Madeleine Ringler escorts you through the evening and supplies with much charm.

Your wedding is going to be "the day"- Martina Kaiserauer escorts you from the beginning till the next morning and ensures for an untroubled evening.

Ute MüllerUte Müller

Ute Müller and our housekeeping team makes great work every day without remark.


Frau MaierFrau Maier

For the perfect decoration you are just right with our decorator Mrs. Maier at our Ideenreich.